Aiming towards Intelligent Environmental Engineering, challenges need to be addressed and resolved, moving from vision to action. Realizing the vital importance of such challenges the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, is hosting its 10th International Conference "Role of Engineering Towards A Better Environment RETBE'14" The theme of the conference this year will be "Intelligent Environmental Engineering: From Vision to Action" The conference will be held from December 15 to December 17, 2014 in Alexandria, Egypt. The conference continues to uphold the mission of its preceding successful conferences that started 17 years ago, by a series of successful RETBE conferences emphasizing the challenges facing the environment and the need for innovative environmental actions and policies. The conference compares Business as Usual (BAU) scenarios with Green Environment Vision (GEV) scenarios, contrasting the economic, public health reliability and environmental impacts of engineering development paths. This conference will convene leading scientists and engineers to address and advance the environmental security agenda in different fields of engineering and build partnerships across theory, policy and practice, moving from dream to reality.